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"I read your book twice, made notes and I am on my third time. I had attended a seminar in Ajijic near Lake Chapala and it was in no way as comprehensive as your book."

-- Sincerely, Charlie Goldschein

Retire In Luxury by Barbie Parks

YOU can retire early, reduce your cost-of-living, and live better than you do now. The newly updated 2012 edition of Retire In Luxury shows you how.

What will your life be like in Mexico? How much does it really cost? Most importantly, how do you get started? These and other questions provide a rich fabric from which to learn and retire in luxury! LEARN MORE


JUST RELEASED : Money Saving Mexico by Barbie Parks

Mexico has it all: Lower healthcare costs, pleasant weather, idyllic lifestyle, and so much more. But guess what? You don't have to live in Mexico to start saving money on practically everything you need right now.

Money Saving Mexico shows you how. You'll benefit from more than three year's worth of truly excellent questions and answers that were generated from Retire In Luxury.

If you're looking for the perfect place to retire... a place to vacation to... a place to escape the winter months, you'll discover why more and more people are choosing Mexico to make ends meet -- and getting more bang for their bucks. Read all about it: LEARN MORE

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